Hello world, I’m Chozy Aiyub. I’m an actor and owner of Tape2Book, an audition taping studio in Atlanta Georgia.

I knew that one day I will make my way to the United States and live the American Dream. Born and raised in East Jerusalem, Palestine, at a young age I was already involved in performing arts, creating film and music since my father had a very famous band/dance group called "Al-Kawakeb" - translates from Arabic to English as "The Planets". I was always involved in stage performances, dance and music. Growing up, I got to learn how to play the guitar and drums from being around my father. I also learned how to play the piano by watching my sister play it (RIP Rania, I love you forever habibti). I also started dancing at a young age and was obsessed with Michael Jackson and his moves (RIP MJ).

At the age of 13, my father bought me my first video camera. That is when I began creating short films and casting my friends and neighbors as actors. I would also take part in my short films as an actor as well. That is when I realized my passion for acting but was not able to pursue it since the performing arts world back home is not available for people like me because of the occupation.

Two years ago, a friend of mine, Frederick Nah IV, had a role in a film he was directing and said that I have the perfect look for it and wanted to cast me. I had never been on set, or worked on anything as an actor. He said I was a natural and that I will be fine. I agreed and the rest is history. I wish i pursued acting at a younger age but I guess everybody has their time and God has a plan for each one of us.





Thanks to God, my family, my friends and for everyone who believes in my talent.